Saturday, February 8, 2014

Putting the Pieces Back Together

Lucy and I saw the Lego Movie this morning. She called me at 10 to ask if I wanted to go and I didn't have anything else going on so we went. It's a clever movie, and I enjoyed watching it with her. Afterward we had lunch. Lucy is a lot of fun to hang out with, especially since Jan healed her. She says that nearly losing her life has made her appreciate it all that much more, and it really shows in the way she savors every moment. It's like every bite of cheeseburger she had at Five Guys was a gift from God. I don't think she'll ever take anything for granted again.

I guess Jan has that effect on people. She comes into your life, changes everything, then leaves. Thanks to Jan, Lucy has done a complete 180 on her feelings about mutants, and I have to admit the same is true of me. The way Lucy reacted when I told her I was a mutant a few months ago wasn't that far off from how I felt about myself at the time--like I was dirty, corrupt, broken. But Jan helped me realize that I'm perfect just the way God made me, that my powers are a gift. Just like she helped Lucy see that.

And now Jan is gone, no doubt doing the same for countless others. Healing people's souls at the same time she heals their bodies. In a way, I feel broken again, lost without Jan, but at the same time I feel like she left me with the instructions on how to put myself back together. Even my friendship with Lucy feels like a gift from Jan. Who better to help me deal with Jan's absence than someone else whose life she has touched so profoundly? Who better to help me pick up the pieces and move on?

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