Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Foxing Back Up

As part of my resolution to Go On With Life, I met with FOX again this morning after taking a break for a few weeks. It was fun to meet with my friends and talk about writing. Tara is all settled into her interim office in the JKB while the Wilk is being rebuilt, Galadriel and I shared a few knowing smiles about our little secret, and Chenry is treating me like a normal person again. He just freaked out a little when I used my power on him, but he's had plenty of time to get over it since. I wouldn't say FOX is the same as it was pre-Explosion, but we're at a good place again.

I also think I'm ready to start attending UUPP again. I've been avoiding it since the group is so closely linked with She Who Shall Not Be Named, but I'm going to give it a try tonight. Here's hoping it goes well!

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