Friday, April 4, 2014

Conference Weekend: Day 0

Add this to your list of Stupid Things To Fight With Your Girlfriend About: Where to watch General Conference. I assumed we'd go to my sister Marsha's place in Saratoga Springs because that's what I've done twice a year for the past three years, plus the year before my mission. Lucy assumed we'd watch it at her parents' place in Orem since that's what she's done twice a year for her entire life. Both reasonable arguments, I have to admit. Things got tense for a while, we nearly decided just to spend the weekend separately, but then we decided that was stupid and came up with a compromise: Saturday in Orem and Sunday in Saratoga Springs. Lucy's happy because Saturday is when her mom makes the traditional breakfast casserole, and I'm happy because Sunday is when Marsha and I make the traditional cinnamon rolls.


I'm glad we got that resolved because I really want to be in the right frame of mind this weekend. I fully intend to follow Chenry's advice and make this a weekend of prayer, fasting (maybe between the casserole and the cinnamon rolls?), and sincere meditation. I'm doing everything I can to set aside my doubts and my cynicism and be open to whatever God wants to tell me. I figure if I'm headed in the wrong direction, this is God's chance to slap me in the face and turn me around. I'm absolutely open to wherever he wants me to go. If you're the praying type, please pray for me.

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