Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jan Update

Jan is still unconscious. The doctors say she'll be fine, but I'm starting to get nervous--it's been more than 24 hours. If anything happens to her I'll feel horrible. This whole thing was my idea. But I keep reminding myself that we did the right thing.

The nurses kicked me out at one point because it wasn't visiting hours and I'm not related to Jan--an annoying reminder that with Utah laws where they are currently I couldn't be legally related to Jan if I wanted to be--but Greg showed up a little after that and used his next-of-kin status to get them to let me back in.

...And I've just been told that I need to leave at 10. Oh well. I can sit in the waiting room. Whenever Jan wakes up, I won't be far.

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  1. Sorry, I try not to get too political here. It doesn't matter anyway--it's my belief in the Church that prevents me from getting married, not a stay issued by the Supreme Court. I'm just in a pissy mood after being here all night and all day.