Thursday, January 2, 2014

In The Middle

Greg got back from his Christmas break today. I was nervous about things being awkward between us because, well, it never occurs to you that dating your roommate's sister is a bad idea until you kind-of-sort-of break up with her because she used her mutant power to save your life and then had to vow to the Honor Code Office and her bishop never to see you again, all while your roommate is at home visiting the family who has more or less disowned his sister. But it turns out that Greg doesn't do awkward. "Hey dude," he said when he got in, "I heard about everything that happened. Just so you know, it doesn't change anything between you and me. We're still friends. And hometeaching comps too." He held up a finger and declared, "There will be no drama in this companionship." He laughed. "I've been caught between Jan and our dad for the past ten years--heck, my entire life--and I have a strict no-taking-sides policy."

Then I updated him on Lucy. Then we ate ramen. And that was that.

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