Monday, December 9, 2013


So. Jan and I are officially dating now. As in, we are boyfriend and girlfriend. Yes, we only met one week ago. But this is BYU. People get engaged in less time. Maybe we'd be that crazy too, if, you know, getting married weren't against our religion. Jan assures me that we're not violating Church doctrine or BYU policy or God's will or anything by dating. True, the For The Strength Of Youth pamphlet offers vague counsel to "only date young men or women whom you might one day be sealed to in the temple," which everyone knows is a reference to not dating mutants, but that's just counsel, not an out-and-out commandment. According to Jan, at least. And honestly, she didn't have to try all that hard to convince me. Is it pathetic that Jan is the first girlfriend I've ever had, and I'm twenty-four years old? I never thought it was an option. But then Jan is opening my mind to a lot of new possibilities.

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