Saturday, November 23, 2013

Robots vs. Mutants

If you're reading this, chances are you clicked over here from one of the comments I've left around the Bloggernacle in the past few days. (Or possibly Facebook; Blogger tells me I have some people coming from Facebook, which suggests that someone has linked to me there, which is awesome, but I have no idea who linked to me. If you came here from Facebook, please tell the person who linked me "thank you" on my behalf. Also, I need to get on Facebook. I mean, as Mormon X. I'm already on Facebook under my real name, of course--I'm not living under a rock.) At any rate, I've been whoring myself out around the Bloggernacle, trying to let people know I'm here. Basically, I'm like one of those bots that goes around leaving spam comments, except for three differences: 1. I actually read the posts I'm commenting on. 2. I only comment if I actually have something to say about the post. 3. I don't explicitly tell people to come to my site--I just hope they'll be curious enough to find out who this Mormon X guy is. I suppose a fourth difference between me and spambots might be that I'm human, but that's debatable. I like to think of myself as human, but I think science is now saying mutants are a completely different species. Yuck. Anyway, I keep going on tangents today. I was telling you about how I'm shamelessly promoting myself, but I like to think it's for a good cause. I'm here talking because I believe God wants me to be heard, so there's no point if no one's listening. I mean, if I write about a tree falling on a blog that no one reads, does it make a sound?

Honestly, I didn't even know the Bloggernacle existed until three days ago. It's easy when you eat, sleep, and breathe BYU to believe in this monolithic version of Mormonism, that we're all good little Mormonbots who have exactly the same thoughts and feelings. Which kind of sucks when you're different. But it turns out there are all kinds of Mormons out there, with all kinds of ideas about different things. And hey, guess what? I'm not the only Mormon mutant out there. On Thursday I read about a Mormon woman who just recently came out as a mutant. I get the impression she's still in the process of figuring out whether to stay in the church or live a mutant lifestyle, or something between those two options. I also happened upon a website that's all about believing Latter-day Saints who have mutant abilities. There's a even a Mormon guy who has come out as mutant (but doesn't act on his mutant tendencies) and blogs about it using his real name and face--and his non-mutant wife is totally cool with it. (Okay, maybe I am living under a rock. Apparently this guy is super-famous and I had no idea because until recently I was doing my best to avoid all things mutant.)

So, moral of the story? I'm not alone. I'm not quite so sure what the point of this blog is, then, but I know it's what God wants me to be doing right now. I guess I'm just adding my voice to others, testifying that it's okay to be mutant and that you can still live according to God's plan. I'm more sure than ever now that God loves me just the way I am, so if I can share that message with even one person who needs to hear it, then I'll consider this venture a success.

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